A facial is not just skin deep at Lea Advanced Skincare. Lea has state of the art equipment to resurface the skin, with modalities that penetrate deep into the dermal layers to lift the muscle. She excels in the use of facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, micro-current, and lymphatic treatments. LED and oxygenation/contour-refining machines will help the skin defy the aging process.

Lea’s signature approach to topical skin care, also known as the “Eigard Method” (EMrx), sculpts the face from within and without. By working the muscles through her skillful handing of the face and her use of cutting edge technology, she has reinvented the concept of the facial. The results of her treatment will be noticeable even after just one session.



Acneic: Clear the skin through extractions, organic enzymes and high mineral mud masks. Purify the skin to refurbish the tissue and to promote healing & smooth texture.


Light Acne Treatment – $175

Acne Treatment – $190

Teen Facial (17 and under) – $140


Rejuvenating: Promote firm & tight skin through the usage of proteins & nutrients while enhancing moisture level, improve the metabolism & cellular memory of the dermal cells & renewal of the epidermal layers.


EMrx Enzyme Facial Treatment – $160

EMrx Hydration Treatment – $190

EMrx Double Protein Enzyme Treatment – $230

EMrx Collagen/Stem Cell Sheet Mask – $250

EMrx Gold Collagen Mask – $250

EMrx IONIX Ultra Oxygen Treatment – $310


Chemical exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin.

EMrx VIP Chem Peel Treatment – $510-$560

Chemical Peel – TCA 3% -35% – $310-$560

Refresher Peel (Melanostop w Sensi) – $310

Combo Peel – $600 and up

EMrx Glycolic Peel – $260

EMrx AHA Glow Lift Treatment – $360

EMrx HQ Lightening Prep – $210


Fountain of Youth: regenerates the cell back into its former state. Activation of cell receptors to produce collagen, detoxification, oxygenation, pigmentation blending, stress reduction & circulation in the tissue through IONIX. These treatments vary from microelectro stimulation to abrasion treatments.


EMrx IONIX Deluxe Rejuvenating System – $460

EMrx “IONIX VIP Lift” (Thermatone) – $250

EMrx IONIX Ultrasound (BioSonix) – $240

EMrx IONIX Microcurrent (MyoLight) – $240

EMrx Red Carpet – $260

EMrx IONIX Diamond Red Carpet Treatment – $600

EMrx IONIX Light Facial – $860


Rejuvenation of the skin: controlled exfoliation with state of the art equipment including a full enzymatic facial. Results in boosting energy to the cells and accelerates the healing factor.

EMrx Mega Peel Abrasion (Heavier Microdermabrasion) – $290

EMrx Skin Glow Abrasion (Light Microdermabrasion) – $260

EMrx LED Sapphire 3 Wet/Dry Photo Abrasion – $315

EMrx LED Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion Full Face, Neck – $560

EMrx LED Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion Full Face, Neck, Chest – $620

EMrx LED Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion Full Neck & Chest – $560 

EMrx LED Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion Neck – $255

EMrx IONIX Sapphire 3 Wet Photo Abrasion – $2010 (Full body)

EMrx IONIX Diamond Peel – $315


-LED VIP Body Lift Treatment $410

Specialty Services

Eyelids Hydration – $90

Eyebrow Contouring – $50

Facial Exercises – $160

IONIX Oxygen Mist Spray – $160

EMrx Ultrasonic Face Cleansing Treatment – $140

EMrx Ultrasonic Face Lifting Treatment – $180

EMrx IONIX Sapphire 3 Lymphatic Drainage – $315

IONIX Light Panel (20 min & up) – $160

Liposculpt Cellulite Smoothing – $210

Dry Body Brushing – $160

Add Ins

Ultrasonic Treatment Add-In – 10-30 mins – $45-$90

IONIX Oxygen Mist Spray Add-In – $110

IONIX Light Panel Add-In (10 mins) – $60

IONIX Light Panel Add-In (20 mins & up) – $110

IONIX Microcurrent (MyoLight) – $190

IONIX Microcurrent (BioSonix) – $190

ThermaTone Add-In – $200


Waxing [Face Only]

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