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 July 31, 2019

A close up of the eye with water on itHyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it feeling hydrated and looking perfectly plump. This impressive molecule holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin, but also prevent all that moisture from evaporating into the air.

The reason why it’s crucial to add it into your daily skin care routine is because, just like collagen and elastin, the amount of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases with age. There are however, ways to help stimulate production of HA in our bodies. For example, your diet; eating fruits and veggies with lots of antioxidants protects the skin from inflammation and in turn helps the skin retain HA.

A picture of an image with and without hyaluronic acid.When used in skincare products like creams and serums, hyaluronic acid hydrates and soothes dry skin. Because of its ability to draw and hold water, it can be used as a humectant in your skincare regime and can keep your skin extremely hydrated for the rest of the day.
The ingredient should be the basis of any anti-aging routine. Check the labels of your favorite skincare products chances are you’re already using it in some form or another. As a topical product, if it is used in the right formula, it will make the skin appear more dewy and younger because it improves skin elasticity.

A group of trees in the middle of a field.Hyaluronic acid plays well with most other ingredients and can be paired with peels, retinols, vitamins, and other acids. But the only exception would be acids with low pH levels, like glycolic acid, because it may degrade the HA and make it ineffective.

Picking the right hyaluronic acid product can be tricky at times. The molecule is often too large to effectively deliver hydration deep into skin layers, and it’s hard to know if a product uses a micronized particle just by simply reading the label. Micronization is the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material’s particles. These chemicals need to be micronized to increase efficacy. See where the molecule is micronized or if the HA is in a vehicle that penetrates the skin in order to be effective where it needs to be. Otherwise you are just putting it on top of the skin without it being very helpful.

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