Best Acne Treatment in Beverly Hills

 February 15, 2017

In our previous blog posts we’ve spoken about how and why we offer the best skin care treatments in Beverly Hills. Today we are here to elaborate on the topic, with a focus on why our acne treatments reign supreme. If you are not caught up on our weekly blogs, we have provided numerous tips about what to look for when searching for a proper acne treatment. What we didn’t mention is how we offer the best acne treatments in Beverly Hills. Although this statement seems hard to believe, we, at Lea Advanced Skincare, hold fast to it because we are confident that we can clear your acne!

Unlike most dermatologists we take the time to get to the root of your acne problems by examining your home care products and habits, your diet, your skin type and even your hormonal changes. Have you ever been to a dermatologist’s office where they just walked into the room, took one look at you and started listing off all these things you supposedly needed like a chemical peel mixed with intense at home cream, or even suggested Accutane or Solodyn? Well we assure you here in our office we handle your skin with integrity and educate ourselves about your habits before making any rash decisions. Oftentimes these chemical peels are used prematurely in the acne removal process which can give you scarring or major burns. Unfortunately, many aestheticians or doctors will also put acne patients on a series of chemical peels to try and speed up the process, but many times this can cause more damage. It’s the same with oral acne medications such as the ones mentioned above. These medications should be a last result only, but honestly should always try to be avoided! At the very least they should not be used straight off the bat because they cause severe internal and sometimes external damage.

The number one reason why we at Lea Advanced Skincare are confident that we have the best acne treatments in Beverly Hills is because we care about the integrity of your skin (your internal organs!) and your overall health. All of our new patients receive an entire packet of dietary tips and restrictions, information on natural supplements that can aid in the healing or detoxing process, general tips about healthy living and how the effects of an unhealthy life style can show on your skin. This is especially beneficial for acne sufferers (which most of our patients are since we specialize in acne). We are certain we can help change the appearance of your skin, but it all starts internally! By following these helpful guidelines you will start on the road to reducing your acne and preventing it from becoming an on-going issue.

Reason number two that we at Lea Advanced Skincare are confident that we have the best acne treatments in Beverly Hills is that we are knowledgeable about different types of acne, skin irritations and skin abnormalities. This is important because we will not treat one as the other, thereby creating an even bigger problem or irritation. For example, seborrheic dermatitis is commonly mistaken for acne, but it really cannot be treated the same way. When dermatitis is handled as acne the dermatitis gets highly inflamed, which is not only unsightly, but can also cause pain. It is beyond important to be educated about the nuances and differences between skin issues because sometimes they can look similar, but when treated incorrectly become highly reactive.

Lastly, the third reason we at Lea Advanced Skincare are confident that we have the best acne treatments in Beverly Hills is because we have the proper modalities to clear your skin without causing further damage, including scarring. If you read our past blogs then you should know what we believe to be the ultimate acne fighting trio: an ultra sonic treatment, followed by a microdermabrasion and LED light therapy. With the three of these combined, as well as a healthy lifestyle, proper home care routine and consistent visits to our office you will be acne free!

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