Cellulite and cellular renewal treatments for the body

 December 31, 2016

Ladies let’s talk cellulite. I know this is an on-going struggle and an uncomfortable topic, but statistically every 8 out of 10 women have cellulite so this needs to be addressed. Although cellulite can be hereditary, no one truly knows the exact cause of it. One thing we do know is that no woman likes to see these cottage cheese looking dimples on the backs of their thighs. Cellulite is typically caused by an accumulation of fat cells between the connective cords that attach to the muscle in an area of the body with little circulation (aka the buttocks and thighs!). Not only do these fat cells get pushed up against the skin as the connective tissue pulls down to the muscle, but because of the lack of circulation there is no blood to nourish these cells. Therefore the fat gets stored rather than burned and carried out through the system. For those of you who do not know, blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells in our body. So the lack of oxygen and nutrients contributes to the fat cells accumulating in these embarrassing areas.

Here at Lea Advanced Skincare we combine suction, LED light therapy, and ultra sound to increase blood flow, stimulate fat cells, tighten skin, increase cell metabolism, cleanse toxins and, most importantly, increase cellular renewal to reduce and remove the appearance of cellulite. We call this treatment Liposculpt because it tightens the body, increases cellular renewal and generally sculpts the body. Our Liposculpt machine uses intense suction to stimulate blood circulation to reach these areas that do not usually receive proper blood flow. By doing this we are giving the body the opportunity to nourish and break down these fat cells. While the blood is feeding these fat cells oxygen and nutrients, the broken down particles are able to metabolize.

The next step after that is ultra sound. Our ultra sound machine has an LED top attached to the device to make direct contact with the skin. First let me give you a little insight on LED light therapy. LED is a “scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send calibrated packets of light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity” (totalindulgencedirect.com). It increases elastin, collagen production and cellular renewal for up to 180 days after the treatment. It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and promotes intercellular communication and cellular activity. Combined with ultra sound, this dynamic duo is the ultimate cellulite fighting machine! Ultra sound has three major effects: mechanical, thermal and chemical. Mechanical effects stimulate a micro massage of the tissues and cells which increase superficial toning. Thermal effects create heat which increase blood flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients for healing and increase lymph flow which aids in removing toxins. Lastly the chemical effect is within the cells increasing the cell renewal rate.

With these three modalities combined: suction, LED and ultra sound, and of course consistency in receiving treatments, your cellulite will decrease each week! Like everything else in life results do not show overnight and a healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise and hydration) will aid the process and allow your results to be more permanent. Cellular renewal is key in this process and all three modalities promote and increase the cell renewal rate.

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