Dry skin and how to deal with it!

 February 11, 2017


Now that we have reached the peak of winter here in sunny California we’re sure many of you are struggling with dry skin problems. Of course a moisturizer helps, but do you ever feel like your moisturizer is just sitting on your skin rather than truly penetrating? Well we are here to help solve that problem. Your face develops about 3 to 4 layers of dead skin cells monthly, even for those who do not suffer from dry skin. So for those who do, you can assume that there are a few additional layers of dead skin cells just sitting on your face. Of course most of you would assume that exfoliation is the key to this dead skin cell problem, but with dry skin the wrong type of exfoliation can cause harsh damage and irritation. To know what’s best for your skin we recommend booking an appointment with us to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We have skin treatments designed to help remove those dead skin cells and aid the penetration process tremendously.

A close up of the skin on a person 's faceIf you keep up with our blog then last week you learned about this amazing modality called the ultra sonic. To recap on last week’s article: the ultra sonic uses wave lengths to wiggle out dirt and unwanted oil from underneath the skin. But that’s not all it does! When used properly the ultra sonic can also be used to help push product deeper into the skin. So in simpler words it aids in product penetration. Although it does slightly help remove dead skin cells as well, it is not our main modality for that purpose.

When it comes to dry skin finding the right exfoliant and skin treatment is really important. Many abrasive exfoliants can over sensitize the skin or cause damage. It’s the same with intense chemical exfoliants. Sometimes the right mask could be what will provide the proper exfoliant for someone with severely dry and irritated skin. That’s why it’s important to see a professional to receive a proper analysis of your dry skin and a proper skin treatment to soothe it. Here at Lea Advanced Skincare, all spectrums of dry skin could receive a combination of a mild exfoliant with an ultra sonic treatment, as well as a proper mask for soothing properties. But of course everyone’s skin is different and should be treated as such. If you are slightly dry then a lightly abrasive exfoliant may work for you. But if you are severely dry then a mild chemical peel might be your answer. If you are easily irritated and sensitized then a chemical or abrasive exfoliant could make you worse, so you may just need a mask.

A close up of the eye with psoriasis on itAlthough it seems like you would know if you have dry skin, in extreme cases you may not be entirely accurate. Of course we’ve all heard of the term eczema, but what is it? Did you know it is commonly mistaken for dry skin? There are different types of eczema, but when it is found on the face it is usually on the eyelids or underneath the chin, but it can be found on the cheeks and around the nose as well. It can manifest as dry and flaky tiny little bumps or red and itchy bumps. Dermatitis is also another common skin irritation that people often mistake for dry skin. A close up of the face with red bumps on itDermatitis is usually discovered on the face when it is around the mouth and is referred to as perioral dermatitis. There is also seborrheic dermatitis which is common around the nose and on the eyelids. Both of these skin irritations can be soothed with the proper skin treatment, but can be intensely irritated with the wrong exfoliant.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about dry and irritated skin we encourage you to step into our office and let us educate you more about the proper skin treatments you need to soothe and heal your skin. You may not know the level of dryness you are truly experiencing/or how to properly treat it at home. You could be irritating it more and we’d love to help you figure it out!


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