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 June 18, 2019


The Secret for Ageless Beauty!
Lifetime Facial Fitness/The Eigard Method Book

To feel Beautiful, you must first feel confident and comfortable not just with your outward appearance but most especially with the processes by which you achieve your outward appearance. Let’s take a simple formula, to feel beautiful, one must start with confidence which creates a beauty within, which in turn creates more confidence. The Eigard Method is one such process for this achievement.

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The method is a complete facial fitness program designed to give you the same benefits as a face-lift without surgery. It is a system of precise, controlled exercises created to prevent or reverse the signs of aging in the face. In particular, the individual exercises are targeted at tightening up the neck and jawline, plumping up the cheeks and lips, and smoothing out the eye and forehead areas. The method works by strengthening and rebuilding the face’s underlying muscle tissue, giving your skin the support it needs to look youthful. And unlike a surgical face-lift, the effects of which last a mere ten to fifteen years, the results achieved with The Eigard Method can last a lifetime.

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The Eigard Method can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. You can devote twenty minutes a day to the full program, incorporating a relaxing Warm Up and Cool Down exercise massage, or you can perform one tension-relieving exercise, whenever you have a few moments to yourself.

The Eigard Method book is designed to be a tool you can refer to as you progress. Each exercise in the beginning series is intensified in the advanced section. Ideally, you should master the beginning version of each exercise before moving on. In some exercise books, the beginning exercises are insultingly simple, but you will not find that to be the case here.
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If you are feeling too impatient to wait for results, think of it this way: in the time it takes to recover from an invasive surgical procedure, you could be seeing real improvement with The Eigard Method. By spending a few minutes each day practicing this step-by-step exercise program, which emphasizes correct facial posture while building strength resistance training, you can give yourself a face-lift that won’t leave you looking like a test pilot in a wind tunnel.

Better yet, you can have fuller lips and higher cheekbones than those you were born with by practicing The Eigard Method. Now that you are aware of the book, come visit the best facial spa in Beverly Hills and book a skincare or facial treatment with Lea Eigard herself.

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