How Sleep Effects the Skin

 June 4, 2017

We already went over how internal factors such as food and diet can effect the appearance of the skin. But we never discussed how a lack of sleep can truly disrupt the production of collagen. Sleep is a huge factor in maintaining the overall health of the body. With that being said it’s pretty obvious how a clear complexion can often be correlated to ones sleeping habits. Everyone typically knows that a healthy lifestyle helps maintain the natural balance of the body and sleep is a huge part of that. A healthy life style implies healthy skin, and after diet, sleep is next in line while maintaining healthy skin.

Our skin spends the entire day protecting our internal organs from toxins, free radicles generated by UV, cigarette smoke, and other environmentally factors. Sleep is the bodies main form of recovery. During our sleep cycle the body is given the opportunity to replenish after the stresses we put on it, externally and internally. The cell turn over rate actually doubles during sleep. Which influences the production of collagen and elastin. Aside from the importance of sleeping regularly and the proper amount of hours, night time is also the best time to use your most potent products. Not only will this allow a longer time for the product to truly penetrate. But also all of the nutrients will be fully utilized, because the sleep cycle influences the cells to nourish on their own as is.

Sleep depravation really shows on the skin because you are not providing your skin with the opportunity to regenerate. Often times the first signs of sleep deprivation are dark shadows and puffiness. This is a sign of ‘poor elimination’. Basically meaning you are not releasing enough toxins. It also can mean that your circulation is poor. Dehydrated skin is another symptom affiliated with lack of sleep. All of these symptoms make a strong appearance on the skin and are not hard to miss.

If your skin is dull and dehydrated, but you drink plenty of water, then chances are you are not sleeping enough. Of course there are ways you can detox and hydrate, but without sleep your body will not release toxins properly, and it will show on your skin. If you want to avoid having dark circles and flaky skin, it is important that you sleep! As well as use the proper products for your skin during sleep. This way, while your cell turnover rate is increasing you will absorb all the nutrients that you need from your products. If you are un-sure if you are using the proper products at night, visit us at Lea Advanced skin care. We will help provide the proper products for your night time routine. This will not only increase your cell turn over, and production, but it will provide optimum nutrients to help your skin detox from a stressful day.

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