Five Reasons Why You Need a Facial

 May 4, 2017

Do you ever wonder what makes someone a candidate for a facial? Well this week you are in for a treat! We are going to break it down, and give you five reasons why you need a facial. Many people believe a facial is just like a massage, but for your face. As luxurious as that sounds, that’s not all there is too it. A facial is a complex process that can provide so many benefits. It is truly for everyone, and today you will find out why!

Reason number one: do you ever feel like you have dull skin? Well FYI, the average person develops about four to five layers of dead skin cells monthly. With that being said, if your not exfoliating properly it’s pretty obvious why your skin appears dull. To learn more about the importance of exfoliation read this past blog: But for those who need a quick summary, if you do not exfoliate these dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, no product you use truly is penetrating. Therefore you receive none of the benefits from any of the products you use, leaving the overall appearance of your skin, dull, and grey. Not only do you receive the proper amount of exfoliation in a facial, but the right facial will provide optimum nourishment for your skin.

Reason number two: do you have stubborn clogged pores, or acne? No one can truly extract their own skin, especially those with acne. Even if you are exfoliating properly, or have a decent at home skincare regimen, it is extremely difficult to extract blemishes on your own. I’m sure many of you have tried and left your skin marked or scabbed from over picking! Only an experienced aesthetician can successfully extract your blemishes all while maintaining the integrity of the skin. This is where reason number three comes to play. Do you ever feel like your skin is pigmented or discolored? Well again, only an experienced aesthetician can aid in the process of evening out your skin tone.

Reason number four: does your skin feel dry, dehydrated and wrinkled? Well without proper home care or consistent facials, your cell turnover rate will slow down. Each year that goes by without proper skincare, it gets harder and harder for it to bounce back to its previously radiant form. It is important to obtain the proper skincare to maintain its radiance, texture, and over all appearance. With that being said, reason number five why you need a facial is to obtain the proper knowledge to successfully take care of your skin!

Here at Lea Advanced Skincare, we have all the means and modalities to educate you on the importance of receiving consistence facials. We analyze your skin and provide not only the best facials in L.A. but the best facials for YOU specifically. We provide tailored information, and tailored facials that will always successfully fulfill the reasons why you come to us in the first place! The key to obtaining ageless skin is by receiving proper (monthly) consistent facials, and that alone is one of the main reasons why you need a facial!

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