Ultra Sonic Cleansing; One of the Best Acne Treatments

 February 19, 2017

This week, we are going to elaborate on the perks of Ultra Sonic cleansing. If you keep up with our blog, then you’ve learned a thing or two about the topic, because we believe it to be part of why we have the best acne treatment in Beverley Hills. Today we are going to break it down, and explain the science behind ultra sonic cleansing. Ultra Sound can be used in many different ways, which we will also elaborate on today. But by far, our favorite way to use it is in the process of eliminating acne! You can read about that in two previous blogs; one titled “Best Acne Treatment in Beverly Hills”, and the other “Acne Treatments; Ultra Sonic cleansing, Microderm, LED light therapy and how they help!”

Ultra sound uses sound wave technology to penetrate the skin. Many of you have heard the term ultra sound, because this is the sound waves OBGYN doctors use to show a pregnant women her child in the womb. I use this example because it is easier to imagine how deep of a penetration an ultra sound wave can create! The sound waves produced by an Ultra sound move faster than our hearing level, making the sound waves move too quickly for human nerve endings to register. This modality is often used to smooth fine lines, shrink large pores, reduce the appearance of cellulite (You can learn about how we use ultra sound in our cellulite treatment in this blog; https://leaadvancedskincare.com/cellulite-cellular-renewal-treatments-body/), toning muscles, encourages lymphatic drainage, and increases circulation. On top of all of these added benefits, Ultra sound allows us to penetrate products deeper into the dermis, all while pulling out dirt, debris, sebum, and other impurities from the pores.

When an ultra sound wave enters the body it is absorbed by the human muscle, tendons and bones. Because bones are a harder surface, they will absorb and then reflect the sound waves which will then convert to energy creating heat in the surrounding tissue. When the heat levels in the body raises the cells desire for oxygen increases as well. That intern forces the cells to release toxins or waste, and allow the oxygen to nurture the cell. Thus summing up the three major effects made by ultra sonic cleansing; thermal, mechanical, and chemical. Thermal effects of the ultra sonic increases heat which stimulates blood flow, bringing in oxygen to nurture and heal the cells. This thermal effect also increases elastin and collagen production. The mechanical effects of ultrasonic cleansing soften scars from the micro-massage the sound wave provides. Lastly the chemical effect reaction is in the cells, which promotes the healing.

After an ultra sonic cleansing the skin feels refreshed, firm, and the swelling from any acne immediately decreases. Here at Lea Advanced Skincare we recommend that everyone add this modality to their treatments. It has an endless amount of benefits, as you can read, and it especially aids in the process of diminishing acne. Our expertise in ultra sonic cleansing is one of the many reasons we provide the best acne treatment in Beverly Hills.

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